D&AD JCDecaux

This particular project was a brief set by JCDecaux for the D&AD competition. The brief was to promote equality throughout London, no matter of race, gender, religion, age etc. The challenge was to create a static billboard advert to promote the message of equality along with the tagline #LondonIsOpen. These designs would then be shown down Oxford Street in London. I took a very interesting approach in my design. I wanted to cover all the equality factors in one, rather than focusing on one specific factor. Therefore, my concept was to place cameras in each of the 32 boroughs in London. The cameras would pick up and record any moving colours it saw. The most popular colour at the end of the month would represent that borough. This would cover the factors of ethnicity, age, social class, religion and gender as the colour of someone’s skin, clothing, personal items and transport vehicles can be heavily  linked to the type of people that live in each borough. At the end of the year the most popular colours from each borough would come together in a final design to represent the City of London. The colours on this design would be placed in a harmonising way to show blending in as well as equality.  The colours chosen are just being used as an example. The colours would be subject to change if this campaign took place.